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The Village of Palatine, Illinois is known for its rich history, and has an estimated population in excess of 68,000 registered residents. Owing to its ever-increasing population, this gorgeous village has undergone a fair amount of progress in the last few years. The same holds true for infrastructure as many new roads have been built and the current ones have been expanded.

Traffic Update

Growth in population and general development in the region has also resulted in an increase in traffic as well as in the number of vehicles in the village. Traffic can get thick during rush hours and a need for increased roadside awareness has been noted.

We’re here to Help

Sunrise Driving School has been offering expert driving lessons to areas within Chicago-land as well as surrounding areas. We are delighted to inform the residents of Palatine, IL that we’re opening driving schools offering our full range of driving lessons and classes.

After years in the field teaching thousands of student drivers the basics of driving and helping them obtain the licenses they desire, we can comfortably say that we know our work!

What We Offer

We offer a range of comprehensive driving lessons include classes geared to teach adult learners as well as those designed for student drivers between the ages of 18 and 20. We also offer those under the age of 18 lessons, instructions and driving safety tutorials.

Being well versed in regional traffic laws and driving requirements, our programs encompass all the driving skills and techniques required to safely navigate traffic. This is not just so for local traffic within Palatine but also for other areas within the US.

We offer adults a selection of driving programs including a five-level driving programme open to those who wish to refresh their driving skills or apply for local licenses. Our program is designed to walk adult student drivers through a range of lessons starting with simpler techniques moving on to more advanced driving and navigation skills.

Student drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 can choose from a selection of course types each offering different specifics and varying hours as well as different course rates. Student programs include a combination of classroom lessons and practical driving practice time with an instructor behind the wheel.

We also extend our classroom lessons and five level driving programs to teens looking to get an early start behind the wheel.

In any case, we’re thrilled to be starting work with the fine folk of Palatine and look forward to helping increase driving awareness and road safety all round!

You can connect with our Driving School representatives or find out more about classes through the concerned pages on our website!

Program Request Options

Check out our five level program details here>>

Option #1: $60 for a 60 minute evaluation/introductory lesson; offered only to first time students

Option #2: $80 for single 90 minute lessons . These would be best for experienced students looking for additional instruction and/or either expressways or road test practice at a local DMV Facility

*Option #3: Only $425 for eight 75-minute driving lessons (10 hours). This is a more complete program for inexperienced or new drivers. Take this program twice and option 4  (city with expressway driving) is included. Option 5 (road test) is offered at $80 with repeated option

*Option #4: Only $225 for four 75 minute driving lessons. That’s Five hours of solid instruction for those who may have a little driving experience. Take this option twice and city driving (option 4) is offered at $80

Option #5: $110  Up to 2.5 hours of City (Chicago) and highway driving. This option is only for those who have successfully completed level 4 of our program (see above drop down for level details).

Option #6: $110  State road test with our specified test vehicle. This option is only for those who have successfully completed level 5 and has taken option #5 with us. No person shall use our vehicle for the road test without successfully completing option #5.          

Option #7: $800 Up to 20 hours of driving instruction through all levels including City (Chicago) and highway driving and State road test with our specified test vehicle.

Cash, Checks or Credit cards accepted.                             

We are experts in helping nervous drivers gain confidence in an enjoyable environment!


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