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A suburb of Chicago, Des Plaines, Illinois coined after the river of the same name is a quiet and peaceful region with a population of over 58,000 (approximately). Initially a mining village, Des Plaines was converted to a city after 1925.

Traffic in Des Plaines

Though relatively settled by way of traffic due to its mellow population, the city of Des Plaines like any other city in the U.S. does suffer its share of traffic accidents and fatalities. That being said, stringent traffic laws and lines of reporting ensure the overall safety of residents living there.

Who We Are

Sunrise Driving School is a well established institution offering driving lessons across Chicago-land as well as to surrounding areas. We are happy to tell the residents of Des Plaines that our driving school services extend their area as well. We offer our complete range of driving lessons and classes and can say with conviction due to half a decade of experience that we guarantee to impart all necessary driving skills!

Course Information

Our driving lessons can be categorized between those offered to adult student drivers, those offered to student drivers between 18 and 20 years of age as well as those offered to teenage learners.

Our programs are designed to include the driving techniques and information necessary, keeping in mind state traffic laws and regulations.

Adults enrolling with us are offered a choice of driving programs. These include regular program options as well as five-step driving programs which are also suitable for those looking to refresh their driving and road skills.

Student courses for drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 are divided into classroom learning time as well as experience hours with trained and qualified instructors well versed in all forms of driving and road safety techniques. Student drives may also choose from a range of package prices depending on their personal learning needs and their current skill level.

Our classroom lessons and five-level driving programs are also offered to teens looking to start educating themselves with regards to both road safety and driving.

Having successfully served the entire Chicago-land area as well as regions surrounding, we guarantee that those who train with us will receive everything needed to navigate not just regional roads but roadways across the country!

If you wish to connect with our Driving School representatives or find out more about classes that we offer, feel free to have a look at our course details available on our official webpage or reach out to us for more info.

Program Request Options

Check out our five level program details here>>

Option #1: $60 for a 60 minute evaluation/introductory lesson; offered only to first time students

Option #2: $80 for single 90 minute lessons . These would be best for experienced students looking for additional instruction and/or either expressways or road test practice at a local DMV Facility

*Option #3: Only $425 for eight 75-minute driving lessons (10 hours). This is a more complete program for inexperienced or new drivers. Take this program twice and option #5 (city with expressway driving) is included. Option #6  (road test) is offered at $80 with repeated option

*Option #4: Only $225 for four 75 minute driving lessons. That’s Five hours of solid instruction for those who may have a little driving experience. Take this option twice and city driving (option 4) is offered at $80

Option #5: $110  Up to 2.5 hours of City (Chicago) and highway driving. This option is only for those who have successfully completed level 4 of our program (see above drop down for level details).

Option #6: $110  State road test with our specified test vehicle. This option is only for those who have successfully completed level 5 and has taken option #5 with us. No person shall use our vehicle for the road test without successfully completing option #5. 

Option #7: $800  Up to 20 hours of driving instruction through all levels including City (Chicago) and highway driving and State road test with our specified test vehicle.

Cash, Checks or Credit cards accepted.                                  

We are experts in helping nervous drivers gain confidence in an enjoyable environment!


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