Quality Driving Lessons for Adults in Illinois

At Sunrise Driving School, we firmly believe that it is never too late to drive. Whether you need to improve your driving skills or gain more confidence behind the wheel, we can help you become a safe and skillful driver!

We are experts in helping nervous drivers gain confidence in an enjoyable environment!

Note: We are offering a spring season discount of 10% off all adult programs.

Discounts apply only to local area students but any extra travel surcharges are waived

Home pick-up and drop-off is included.

Adult Driving Program Request Options

Click on this link for our five level program details first before deciding on an option(s)>>

Note: Our sign up form is below the options offered. Also have experienced some sign up issues with I-phones and Misc. Apple products.

Option #1: $60 for a 60 minute evaluation and introductory lesson; offered only to first time students

Option #2: $95 for single 90 minute lessons . These would be best for experienced students looking for additional instruction and/or either expressways or road test practice at a local DMV Facility

Option #3: Only $465 for eight 75-minute driving lessons (10 hours). This is a more complete program for inexperienced or new drivers. We advise taking option #2 (expressways and/or road test practice) after completion. Take this program twice and option #5  (city with expressway driving) is included. Option #6  (road test) is offered at $95 with repeated option

Option #4: Only $245 for four 75 minute driving lessons. Five hours of solid instruction for those who may have over a year of driving experience. We advise taking option #2 (expressways and/or road test practice) after completion. Take this option twice and city driving (option 5) is offered at $95

Option #5: $125 Up to 2.5 hours of City (Chicago) and highway driving. This option is only for those who have successfully completed level 4 of our program (see above drop down for level details).

Option #6: $125  State road test with our specified test vehicle. This option is only for those who have successfully completed level 3 and has taken option #5 with us. No person shall use our vehicle for the road test without successfully completing option #5.

Option #7: $365 –  For five 90 minute in-vehicle lessons. Repeat this program and recieve %15 of on the second time

Option #8: $895 Up to 20 hours of driving instruction through all levels including City (Chicago) and highway driving along with road test practice at a local DMV Facility. Lesson lengths will vary with this option. After completing option #5 instruction included in this option, qualified students needing to use our specified road test vehicle may do so with a deduction of 2.5 hours off of the 20 hours. 

Cash, Checks or Credit cards accepted.    

Note: Any refund requests of packages paid for after the second lesson will be at 50% of the payment made, with the exception of Sunrise not being able to complete the lessons or due to negligence of service.                            


To sign up, please fill out the form below. You should be contacted by the next business day. Please make sure to verify your submission by phone at: (630)372-5137